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Not a Meetup, Just an FYI - Earth Day Activism Opportunities

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Just as in years past, the 2014 Earth Day will provide many opportunities for outreach and activism, which are listed below.

1. Volunteer to assist START with running their food booth. Contact START by calling 314.851.0928 or writing to start1"at"charter"dot"net

2. Volunteer for a shift at CVA's (Christian Vegetarian Association) outreach booth. You need only be a believer in moral food choices to participate as most of the questions relate to the food we eat. Contact Rick at clickrick"at"sprintmail"dot"com to sign up.

3. Volunteer to leaflet FARM or Vegan Outreach push pieces about animal agriculture's impact on our environment. Contact Rick at clickrick"at"sprintmail"dot"com for this too.

4. Patronize START's and/or other vegan food booths operating that day.