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Vegetarian/Vegan Dinner at Soy & Sake

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**Come any time between 6pm and 9pm, stay as long as you want, or leave when you need to. You will get your own check, with tax and tip included.**

Soy and Sake is always a huge treat for our members. Between the excellence and deliciousness of the food, and the extremely wide-ranging menu -- with the largest range of dishes of any vegetarian restaurant I know -- you could eat here all the time and have a very different and extremely delicious dinner night after night.

Their menu is extraordinarily wide-ranging. It starts off with a large selection of delicious vegan sushi and bento boxes and proceeds to run the gamut from Japanese to Chinese to Thai to Malaysian -- with an amazing variety of vegetarian and vegan dishes of all sorts. There are also many excellent non-Asian dishes with wonderful vegan versions of chicken, beef, fish and traditional vegetable dishes prepared in myriad ways. Their chicken parmigiana hero sandwich is a particular favorite of mine. There really is something for everyone here, and it is all gourmet. And reasonably priced!

Soy and Sake also has a full bar. As their website states, "Soy & Sake's full bar offers a variety of drinks and cocktails with a focus on sake. From the time-honored and traditional 'rice wine' to the modern and innovative sake-tini, the possibilities are endless." says: "Don’t be afraid, the food is tasty as well as healthy at this vegetarian Pan-Asian eatery along the West Village’s busy Seventh Avenue strip; it’s particularly appreciated for its interesting and delicious sushi rolls (many featuring "vegan seafood") and cocktails, served up in simply appointed digs with a full bar."

The popular JL Goes Vegan blog raves, "What a feast for four! This meal was fantastic – great prices for big food! Truth be told, Dave and I were the ones who chowed down on the “junkier” food (yeah, we went with sandwiches at a Pan-Asian joint…so?!) while we admired Jasmin and Mariann’s choices of hearty, healthy salads and sushi." ( (

For those of you who have never attended one of our Meetup events: this is an incredibly friendly & welcoming group. It will be easy to find our group: just ask a member of the waitstaff where the "Meetup" is. Most of the people in the restaurant will be in our large group. Everyone gets their own check, with tax and tip included. Easy!

** You are welcome to show up anytime between 6:00 PM and 9:00 PM. You may stay the whole time, or feel free to leave whenever you need to. If the room gets crowded, we may ask people who have finished their meals to move to the bar for a little while. **

Train Directions: 1 Train to Christopher St., or A, B, C, D, E, F & M Trains to West 4th St.-Washington Sq.

Join us for a wonderful meal.

- David