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Fasting has become quite 'the thing.' True North Institute in Santa Rosa recommends water fasting. Other practitioners also speak of its benefits. It is claimed that fasting has healing properties, even in cases of cancer and other serious conditions.

Is it true? What is the science? Not the hoopla, but the SCIENCE!
Find out! This coming Wednesday, October 2 at 6 pm. In this screening of a startling documentary, "The Science of Fasting," your questions may be answered.

Look at this bold claim made in the documentary:

"“Fasting is a universal method that can be used to treat many diseases.”

From Goriachinsk in the Siberian Mountains and Lake Constance in Germany., to True North Institute in Santa Rose, medical facilities dedicated to fasting, and it’s therapeutic benefits are demonstrating some amazing benefits of controlled fasting.

The documentary breaks down specifics of the biological processes in fasting, energy sources, and data from studies on the effects of fasting.

Check out the reviews . . .

"I was particularly stunned when they analyzed the expression of genes in healthy cells within a fasted and non-fasted body, and compared gene expression in healthy cells to cancer cells within a body in a fasted-state - the results were shocking, but in a good way. I was on the fence about fasting, but the science presented in this documentary convinced me that fasting is good for the body. I plan to read the studies referenced in the film and do a fasting protocol myself."

"I have to agree with the researchers and doctors whose work is presented in this film. Modern medicine isn't interested in curing disease, it's interested in alleviating symptoms while lining the Pharma Bros pockets. Fasting is old, as old as humankind.

"If you've ever wanted a major reformation of your life because you didn't like carrying those extra 40 lbs around, or you've been told you had cancer/diabetes/kidney disease/lupus/etc, or you just felt bad 24/7 with nothing a doctor could find wrong, try changing your diet, radically. Mine was the Big C. Radical dietary change saved me - I'm a 30-year survivor. We don't have access in the West to the spas of Europe or Russia, so long-term, unsupervised fasting may not be the best idea, but what do you have to lose by learning a different way of eating and exercise?"

But is it for YOU??? Come check out the research and the results! What do you have to lose?

First, enjoy a full-course vegan dinner, including beverages and desserts. ALL vegan. ALL health-supporting. ALL you care to eat! Bring a container and take some home!

Location is the Opera Plaza Community Room, 601 Van Ness, San Francisco. Take the elevator to the mezzanine, then follow the signs down the hall to the right.

A fifteen dollar requested donation covers it all. YUP! A FULL vegan dinner PLUS a movie, all for the price of an appetizer or glass of wine! Why? Because we are a nonprofit organization, here to serve the community, not out to make a buck!

Enjoy the film on a giant screen, with sound by Bose. AND the pleasant socializing and positive atmosphere that has made the Wellness Wednesday weekly dinners such a hit with so many people!

RSVP to reserve your place. Do so here, or email to: [masked] OR call (888)[masked].

See you at the movie!