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Finger food at Benyam!
• What we'll do We will be experiencing the very best of Ethiopian cuisine in NYC at Benyam in Harlem. It's true. It is the best. There. We said it. Jackie Kennedy was very clear in her famed televised tour of the White House when she was asked "how do you decide who gets a seat at a state dinner among all the notables from world leaders and artists and thinkers?" Her thoughtful response, "as long as they're the best." That's what we have at Benyam - the best! This is not to disrespect the Ethiopian restaurants that VegOut has dined at in the past. Not at all. So what sets Benyam apart? It's as though the lentils were just harvested, the cabbage just picked. The extraordinary collards tenderized just for us. The brightest carrots and the potatoes firm with starchy integrity await us alone. They source their vegetables locally and for that we can be very grateful. Every dish (or heap or mound) on the spongiest freshest injera bread awaits us all. We are so favored to have Benyam here in NYC. Everything Benyam can be found here: In the New York Times: . • What to bring • Important to know Accessibility: 125th Street is the nearest accessible stop. Benyam has a step up into the restaurant. The restroom is not wheelchair accessible. That said, let us know if you're attending and we and Benyam will do our best to make it happen for you

BeNYAM Ethiopian Cuisine

2795 Frederick Douglass Boulevard · New York

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