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Healthy Recipes Everyone Loves - Talk and tasting by Anne Dinshah

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Just in time for Valentine's day, learn from an expert.

Anne Dinshah is the author of Dating Vegans, Recipes for Relationships

Suggested donation $10 to Anne will be accepted for the talk and tastings of samples from her book. VegSarasota is donating the food.

Dating Vegans is for everyone in a relationship vegan-with-a-nonvegan or anyone who has a vegan friend. Anne Dinshah boldly tackles social issues with stories from real people, insights, and recipes. Better than a romance novel whisking readers away to fantasy, this book is a catalyst for reevaluating interactions. It’s all in a format designed to be easily read a bit at a time anywhere: in a park, on a train, at the beach, or waiting for a date. Or you can read the whole book as a one-night stand!

Anne Dinshah utilizes a gentle, entertaining way of communicating, so everyone is inspired with friendly suggestions of how to create delicious, sustainable, truly humane, and healthy plant-based recipes. This lecture empowers audiences—including those who don’t cook yet and those who love to cook—to have fun in the kitchen

Anne authored/coauthored five books including Dating Vegans. She has a bachelor’s of arts in American studies from University of Notre Dame and a master’s of education in sport administration from University of Texas. Anne is a professional rowing coach. Her new book is Powerful Vegan Messages on compassionate living for today’s world; she also gives lectures on “dynamic harmlessness.”

Anne is also the co-author of POWERFUL VEGAN MESSAGES.

POWERFUL VEGAN MESSAGES begins with The Golden Rule, explains reverence for life, teaches ahimsa, promotes veganism, provides valuable wisdom for everyday life, plans to close all the slaughterhouses through nonviolent methods, and encourages everyone to take an active role in educating people towards veganism.
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• Dynamic Harmlessness Day, November 2
H. Jay Dinshah, the founder of American Vegan Society, eloquently explains the ethical reasons for veganism. His daughter, Anne, updates and edits his pioneering writings. Over forty vegan luminaries tell how they were influenced and inspired by Jay. Together they encourage readers to explore ways to promote positive action in the world towards veganism through "dynamic harmlessness."