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Know how to repair a flat? Still undecided about the necessary tools that should accompany you on every ride? Then join us in this special event that will cover the essential skills in regards to tire repair, tools and advice. Anybody and everybody is invited to participate in this free hands-on class. The following topics and questions will be addressed in this 90 minute session.

- CO2, frame, or mini pump. What is the best pump for you?
- How many times can you patch the same inner tube? What is the best way to patch an innertube?
- What's a better way to remount the wheels after a repair: a) with bike upside down or b) with bike right-side up?
- What's your personal tire pressure?
- What additional tools should you bring on your bike adventure?

For this session it is recommended that you bring the following:
- tire levers(2)
- spare tube (look for the proper size # on the side of the tire wall, for example:[masked]c)
- bike wheel(1), Don't bring the whole bike for this one.
- portable air pump(mini pumps, frame pumps)
- emergency tool kit

If you have any questions or suggestions, please contact me.

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