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We've been studying for awhile, and while it has been great, it has come to my attention that some of you would like an opportunity to get to know one another better, so.....let's perform some Social Alchemy!

We've decided to take this weeks Meetup to the Unurban Cafe on Pico in Santa Monica. It's a cute and funky coffee house that has a homey feel, with good coffee and good food. We can meet, talk, have some coffee and grub and some alchemical "shop talk."

The "alchemical tools" I will be bringing to assist us in getting to know one another will be various tarot decks and a computer for looking up astrology charts. C'mon, I know a bunch of you know a thing or two about the cards or the stars! Feel free to bring anything else that you feel is appropriate. Let's use our stuff for Social Alchemy!

Also, there is a stage where they usually hold open mike nights (which starts at 9pm). I'm thinking about doing a spontaneous reading from Liber Legis on the stage before the official open mike starts. That's if they don't drag me off!

So, come by, sip a cup o' joe, get a reading or two, and get to know the people in our gang a little better. Since we are not renting a space this time, we will not be asking for a donation, however, buying a least a cup of coffee and/or food is expected.

***Note the new start time. This is to compensate for the fact that their Comedy Open Mike starts at 9pm. That gives us two hours for our Social Alchemy.***