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The goal here is to showcase a few Hoyas in the group who are working on interesting concepts, and provide a broader forum to give and get feedback on presentation style/structure. We hope this is helpful as you refine your process and gives you an opportunity to network around recruiting, financing, etc.

Entrepreneurs & Companies Presenting:

o Neda @ Fitist https://fitist.com/

o Jeremy @ LeagueApps http://leagueapps.com/

o David @ Modavanti http://www.modavanti.com/coming-soon/

o Julia & Kathryn @ MyDrobe http://mydrobe.com/

Panelists will include Eliot Durbin (@etdurbin (https://twitter.com/@etdurbin)), Scott Birnbaum ( http://www.linkedin.com/pub/scott-birnbaum/1/482/40b ) and some combination of the VH cofounders - @rickdesai (https://twitter.com/rickdesai), @jfrizk (https://twitter.com/jfrizk), @ellie (https://twitter.com/ellie).

Post-event drinks will be around the corner at Amity Hall (where we held our original happy hour)

Amity Hall

80 West 3rd Street New York, NY 10012