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December Vetwork RNO Event
Welcome to Vetwork RNO, dedicated to building a strong professional Veteran community in Northern Nevada. I'll spend a minute talking about the Vetwork concept and the rest of the time we'll spend in great conversation with great people. There is no formal agenda and we'll keep it that way! Veterans come on out, grab a drink, and connect with other Vets in the area. Looking forward to seeing everyone for this and many future great events!

Brasserie Saint James

901 South Center Street · Reno

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    What we're about

    We started this little adventure/community building project in Portland, OR in 2013 now we want to spread the community to Reno. Our intent is to help build a thriving Veteran Community specifically focused on professional networking and building genuine relationships between Veterans and the business community.

    Reno is an amazing city and Northern Nevada is a great place to live and work. There have been formal veteran networking events here and there that have fizzled out because they feel like networking events. We want to create opportunities for veterans to connect and build real relationships with the belief that this is the starting point to helping each other in the professional world. We do this by setting little agenda for our events held at local bars or restaurants.

    ​ The History (
    Matt Bader and Casey Holland are the co-founders of Vetwork. Both grew up in Portland, OR and returned to the area after careers in the military. Matt and Casey connected via good old fashioned networking and quickly became friends. As they shared their experiences, challenges, and frustrations while transitioning out of the military and into the Portland community they knew there had to be a better way for vets to connect and to build valuable relationships.​ And that is how Vetwork PDX was born. Soon thereafter they were joined by veteran Josh Jones, a passionate mainstay of the Vetwork PDX events. The organization has continued to grow and adapt to serve the needs of veterans in multiple communities.

     The Ethos:
    The Vetwork RNO ethos is simple. We believe in an organic approach to building a strong community of veterans in Reno. We aren't associated with any professional organizations. There are no fees at our events. We don't ask for anything from our attendees. We don't want our community to feel like a chore, we just want to build meaningful and lasting relationships in an enjoyable setting.​ We believe our greatest service to veterans is as a high value connector of veterans to each other, partners/sponsors, and the business community. ​

    ​ The Events:

    We organize events every month where veterans can come together to have a few drinks and get to know each other. Just check our site for the date/ time/ location and show up ready to meet other vets. The only formality that we may do at an event is an "around the room" session where each attendee introduces him/herself, gives a quick summary and background, and tells the group of any specific reason for attending. The quick "around the room" session helps everyone get to know each other while also facilitating meaningful connections. Whether you are looking to transition to a new career, searching for a support network, or are just wanting to have a few beers with friends you are welcome at a Vetwork RNO event.

     So spread the word and help us continue to build the thriving veteran network that Reno deserves.

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