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Welcome! We just started this meetup November 2015 and hope to provide fun and alternative events to vegetarians, vegans and veggie-friendly people. Besides being a vegan lifestyle YouTube channel (www.youtube.com/vgirlsclub), we also organize activities so people can mingle and try out a healthy way of living with us.

We are voodies and voyagers from V Girls Club (www.vgirlsclub.com) who love anything healthy, earth-friendly, cruelty-free, organic, cool and fun. Some of our past activities include meditation, dim sum lunch, language exchange, afternoon tea, chef table dinner, picnic, potluck, hotpot, bbq. Lots of fun activities and we are going to have cooking classes, yoga, cycling, clothing swap and many more fun ideas!

This group isn't just for girls, but all the organisers are girls with different personalities. ;)

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Note: We reserve the right to allow or reject anyone to participate our events. Anyone who is disrespectful to any group members or is consistently not showing up to events after RSVPing yes will be removed from the group or banned from certain events.

V Girls Club (www.vgirlsclub.com) 除了是一個純素網上頻道(www.youtube.com/vgirlsclub) 外,我們在2015年11月開始舉辦活動提供機會給大家和不同的人交流和嘗試另類的生活方式。我們是一群喜愛環保、動物、健康的素食女孩,也特別好奇和愛吃,所以我們會定時舉辦不同的活動。已經有多人參加了靜坐班,點心午餐、普通話茶聚、特別晚宴、素食火鍋、戶外野餐、素食燒烤。我們還有烹飪班、瑜伽班、單車日、衣服交換等什麼都有!男女都歡迎參加我們這群啊!


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