What we're about

This group is for you if you want to feel fully alive in your body and in your life and develop the art of dancing with, moving through, unraveling, and revealing the blocks, beliefs, stories, and patterns that are keeping you from expression yourself fully and living your best life.

Are you feeling:

*stuck in your body, stuck in your past
*stuck in cycles of self-sabotage or addictive patterns
*afraid of expressing your most authentic self
*a disconnection with your body
*that you have unresolved shame, guilt, pain, trauma
*low self-esteem or self-worth
*afraid to take the next big (or small step) in your life
*sick and tired of playing small or feel trapped in a box
*ready to have a more loving, accepting, embracing, compassionate, playful, and curious relationship with your self

The truth is, there is so much more magic in this life... more expression, more love, more play, more purpose, more truth, more connection, more depth, more YOU. There is something inside of you wanting to be heard, seen, felt, shared with the world.

Come join us as we get in touch and in tune with our natural rhythm and flow, our bodies, our truth, our struggles, our pains, our past, our pleasures, our desires, and our fullest expression. Let us embrace all of ourselves fully, get curious and explore what is possible. And let's experience ourselves, our bodies, and this life fully, vibrantly alive!

Past events (7)

Breathwork Ceremony

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Dancing with Your Dreams & Desires

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Mind & Body: Shadow Work Breakdown and Play.

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Grounding Breathwork Ceremony

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