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Past-Life Experience – Recall Your True Self!

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First Spiritual Science Center

3375 South Dalhia Street · Denver 80222, CO

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From Hampden Ave (Hwy 285) and I-25 go 10 blocks West to Dahlia the one block North to FSSC. It is East of Colorado Blvd.

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Past-Life Experience – Recall Your True Self!

If you ever wanted to experience a Past-Life Recall (or want to explore another one) this is your perfect opportunity! With only a $5 Love Donation requested it is about 1/10 the normal cost for a group Past-Life session. Several people from the Meditation and Metaphysics Meetup requested that I do this so I told them I would schedule this!

Marriages, careers, family, love-interests, health, friendships, etc. are all shaped by Past-Life decisions - even if you no longer remember them! Once you recall them you can be free from their influences. If you are curious and open to the idea, this is your perfect opportunity!

How does it work? In reality you are a Spirit that experienced many lifetimes so that you may learn and thus evolve. As with all memories, however, if we don’t constantly remember the details they slip away from our conscious minds. Luckily everything that has ever happened to you as a soul is recorded in the Akashic Records. All a Past-Life Recall does is open those Records so you can remember them in detail. These are your memories so you know that they are true.

Remembering a Past-Life gives you a wonderful perspective on who you really are. You begin to see the True Self that exists before you were born. You gain a new determination to accomplish as much as you can while you are still “alive” but you no longer fear “death” because you realize that the True Self doesn’t actually “die”.

Everyone is always welcome so come, learn and experience what researchers and scientists have finally accepted as true and real. We will begin with a few facts surrounding these experiences, then, as always, we have a short meditation. Next you will recall your own memories to show you that you indeed have existed before!

There is always a kids program at the same time downstairs (also $5) so parents can enjoy an evening of discovery and enlightenment in peace. We end with tea and cookies at 8:30. Please RSVP so we have enough materials for everyone. Join us!

Tuesday March 5th 7 PM

First Spiritual Science Center
3375 S. Dahlia St.
Denver, CO 80222