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Have Fun Again Playing Cards

Have fun again playing cards and enjoy the mental and social engagement.

Welcome to the new home page of “VideoConferenceCardGames.com.”  From this page, we will be organizing card game playing events for each of Cribbage, Rummy, Canasta, Hearts, Spades, and Contract Bridge.

The games will be played using rules and procedures to play card games on a video call with real playing cards. We will post the rules for these games under "Discussions" as we launch each event. Coming soon will be our first event, "Video Conference Cribbage."

The card game events are based on the book “Video Conference Card Games,” available from Amazon at the link below.

We invite you to join our group to receive notifications of upcoming events.

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Video Conference Cribbage (3 Player)

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## Beginner & First-Time Player Event

This is a 3-player cribbage card-playing event. Participants are randomly placed into groups of 3 players who play 3-player cribbage. When you are admitted to the event, you will be asked to stand by while we create the groups. When prompted, press the “Join Group” and start your match. The event is scheduled to last one hour.

If you are placed in a group by yourself, wait for us to move you. If you are placed in a group with one other player, wait for a few minutes before starting, then play 2-player cribbage if we have not moved someone into your group.

The Host will be in the “Main Call” area to answer questions. Click on “Return to Main Call.” to ask a question. Click “Join” to return to your group. Please do not use “Raise Hand” or “Ask For Help” inside groups.

For this 3-player game event, players use either of the split decks for the entire match. As a result, players do not count points for having a Jack in the same suit as the Starter Card. For a 2-player match, regular rules apply.

Please note that this is a game-playing event, not a tutorial. When registering, first-time players should allow themselves sufficient time to learn how to play cribbage on a video call. This information can be found under “Discussions.”

The video call will use Google Meet. No app is required when using a computer or a laptop. A new tab will open in your browser when you click the link. Alternatively, enter the link into a new tab and press enter. You must download the free Google Meet app if you use a phone or tablet and enter the meeting code from the link.

We recommend minimizing the number of apps and open tabs you are running on your device to save bandwidth, RAM, and processor capacity. You can also reduce camera resolution if necessary.

Game Preparation:

  • Learn how to play cribbage on a video call which can be found under “Discussions.”
  • Have the split decks and a 3-player cribbage board set up and ready to play.
  • Arrive early and wait to be admitted. No participants are admitted once we start forming groups.

Have fun playing Cribbage and meeting new people.

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