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Welcome to the new Meetup Group for “Video Conference Card Games.” From this group, we will organize video conference game-playing events for Cribbage, Rummy, Spades, and other games. The games will be played using rules and procedures to play card games on a video call using real playing cards. All events are "Online," so you can play from anywhere.

The card game events are based on the book “Video Conference Card Games,” available from Amazon at the following link: Video Conference Card Games (Amazon)

Coming soon will be game-playing events for "Video Conference Cribbage," Video Conference Rummy,” and “Video Conference Spades.” Check out the links below to learn how to play these games for free.

Video Conference Cribbage (free)

Video Conference Rummy (free)

Video Conference Spades (free)

We invite you to join our group and have fun playing cards.


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