Crypto Programming Meetup #3 - Learn Together - Libra, Move & Zuckerbucks

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Join us in July (last before the summer break!) for the 3rd Crypto Programming Meetup (in the new format) - the theme for July is Libra, Move and Zuckerbucks [1].

Learn Together - Hands-on Study Group

Bring your own (crypto) project and show & tell. Yes, you can. Please, post a comment to the wall. All programming languages (more than) welcome :-). We will sit around a round-table and study together or apart. Join us.

Talks - Show & Tell

Let's Start Up the Libra Testnet (Core) Client by You - Anyone?

Boneh–Lynn–Shacham (BLS) Signatures [2a] - Better than Schnorr? - Pairing Crypto Step-by-Step Programming Tutorial (*) [2b] by Jan Kaul



(*) Please, install Rust if you want to follow along

Note: We meetup in a public coffee house. If you attend you MUST buy a drink for yourself (e.g. a coffee, mineral water, cola, or something).
Calculate about €3 or €4.

If anyone attends - you will find the "group" or just myself in the non-smoking area. I try to catch the table with two banks in the right corner along the window looking out to the Praterstern and with the back to the smoking-area glass wall. See you all.