Open Hardware Month Kick-Off: Apertus AXIOM


October is Open Hardware Month – and OSHWA (the Open Source Hardware Association) is calling for worldwide action in the name of Open Hardware.

RIAT will be hosting the format “Open Hardware Dialogues”, which follows the footsteps of a RIAT publication with the name “Openism – Conversations in Open Hardware”. This publication sheds light into the motivations and different open source strategies, as well as the different levels of openness in open design movements.

Open Hardware Dialogues starts with an Open Hardware Month Kick-Off event on October, which is organised together with Apertus AXIOM Open Source Cinema. This event will showcase prototypes, experiences and other insights of over 10 years of open hardware development at Apertus – which is the first fully open professional cinema camera. A strong focus will be set on the AXIOM Beta, a professional digital cinema camera built around FOSS and open hardware licenses. RIAT has successfully worked with Apertus on a Horizon 2020 ICT project from the European Union.

The event will further contextualize the OSHWA Open Hardware Month, and will give an overview of other hardware projects such as the cryptography hardware of Riddle+Code, an Austria based company with which RIAT has been previously developing cryptography+hardware workshops with.