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Crypto Coder (Ruby/Py/Js/Go/..) Meetup #3 - Bitcoin, Bitshilling, Blockchains,..
Hi, 2nd Crypto Coder Meetup in 2018 and last before the summer break! We now welcome all languages - Ruby, Python, JavaScript (JS), Go, Rust, ... All about Bitcoin, Bitshilling, Blockchains, Ledgers, the Universum (Ethereum 2.0) World Computer & more. Show us your code, code, code! For the Crypto meetups - Gerald Bauer (@austriacodes) and Matthias Tarasiewicz (@parasew) are the orgas. Talks, Talks, Talks New speaker more than welcome. Yes, you can. Please, post a comment to the meetup wall or send us your block's hash id. Our talks: Gerald Bauer (@austriacodes): Orga Talk: Part I: Let's create a token and do an initial coin offering (ICO) on ethereum in 20 minutes! Let's create a token blockchain contract for the new universum (ethereum 2.0) world computer in ruby in ten minutes! Part II: Getting Started with the Shilling (or Schilling) [3] on the Blockchain! - Rock-Solid Alpine Dollar from Austria - BTS is the new ATS - Bitcoin Sidechain [1] [2] [3] Matthias Tarasiewicz (@parasew): Orga Talk: To be announced (something about Monero?) Talks, Talks, Talks Want to do a talk or host a discussion? Want to show off your latest project or talk about a problem you had to solve? Let us know in the comments. We love lightning talks! More Ruby Crypto Links (Additions / Updates Welcome): Awesome Crypto @ Planet Ruby A collection of awesome crypto goodies about cryptocurrencies and blockchains, public key infrastructure (pki), and more @ Thanks to our sponsors! Hosting RIAT - How to find the RIAT rooms? RIAT @ Neubaugasse 64-66/ III / 4 (Stiege 3, Hochparterre) - Note: You have to enter the "open" court all the way to the "main" front door at the very (back)end (passing on the left side is the Young NEOs office) and than remember the magic number 4. That is the bell / buzzer to ring to open the front door to go up the stairs to the "Hockparterre" and the RIAT rooms. Job Announcement Platogo Interactive Entertainment - Social Casinos für Facebook und Mobile Platogo - Heroku’s biggest customer in Austria is hiring Ruby / Elixir Developers! Find out more @


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