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ViennaJS YEAH IT'S SPRING March Meetup

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Siebenbrunnengasse 44 1050 · Vienna

How to find us,+Vienna

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Everybody is welcome & feel free to share this invitation!

Orga: Franz Enzenhofer

Format: 3 to 4 Minitalks - per Talk 15 to 20 Min, 5 to 10 min Q&A, 25 Min Max - every talk must include code

no video recording of the talks

Prop. Beer and Pizza - sponsor wanted



Orga Talk: "reading, learning, understanding Backus Normal Form (BNF) grammer descriptions and writing, parsing BNF like grammer with nearley.js - a.k.a. Understanding Parsers a little bit more" by Franz Enzenhofer

- break -

factbook.json - How to model the world with JavaScript by Gerald Bauer

- break -

building progressive-framework-less-vanilla-web-applications by @thisisgordon (


Talk about "You are an artist: creative coding in JavaScript and beyond", a talk by the twisted mind of Michael Bromley (creator of SKQW: JavaScript Audio Visualizer (, Chromata (, CSS Space Shooter (, Draw A Cat (, ... (

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SPONSORS: (beer)

Franz Enzenhofer -

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