May Gathering 2017


We are also looking for speakers, for our next events. I encourage everybody, to share with us their experience and knowledge, so please get in touch with Boris! Meet awesome PHP devs and other interesting people at ViennaPHP, enjoy a Club Mate or a beer and let's have fun.


• "Welcome" by Boris Hrkic

• "How learning Python/Dart/Clojure made me a better PHP Developer" by Sebastian Göttschkes

"He started with PHP in the year 2002. It was common practice to have one php file for every page of your web application (home.php, login.php, register.php, ...). There was a header.php which was included at the top and a footer.php for the bottom. There was a utils.php and a mysql.php.
We have come a long way since then. Frameworks and best practices have emerged, Patterns exist for many problems and libraries help us do our work. Many projects have good test coverage and a deployment pipeline.
What many of us (him included) do not learn is what happens outside the PHP ecosystem. He will go through his experience working with a huge Python codebase, learning Dart and now Clojure and what it thought him about PHP. He will use Clojure as an example but no prior knowledge about the language is required."

Sebastian Göttschkes : #vegan #straightedge #agile #development #blossom

• "Getting Declarative" by Jakob Oberhummer

"utilizing Reflections, Annotations, Closures, Anonymous Classes to add small functionally that makes our life easier on daily Projects.

A little experiment in how far we can go in generating Code without writing it to disc because of the language constraints or having to use a generative pre-processor/compiler approach. Agnostic, pragmatic, pros and cons, different implementations. "

Jakob Oberhummer: He is a programmer ;) and he find selfdescription always weird.

• "How to combine best of PHP_CodeSniffer and PHP-CS-Fixer in 3 lines" by Tomáš Votruba

"If you are lazy like me, you probably use PHP_CodeSniffer or PHP-CS-Fixer to work for you.They're both powerful tools with strong community behind them - both over 3500 starts on Github.Instead of fighting who has more checkers and what they do, you can choose to cooperate and use best of both worlds.Today I will show you EasyCodingStandard and 3 lines intro.I think you will enjoy coding standards again :)"

Tomáš Votruba : "He really enjoy talking to people, doing open-source and mentor PHP in companies and with individuals for living. So to combine these, he has created a Czech & Slovak PHP community in 2015, where we can meet, talk and share knowledge and experience... and beer :)"
Website: ;

Additional talks? Sure! We need still talks, so please get in touch with Boris! Sponsors? Sure! If you want to give thirsty devs something to drink while they talk about your company and remember it as one of the best around, come talk to Boris!


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