Vierde vrijdag! September 2018

Vierde vrijdag
Vierde vrijdag
Public group

The Hague Tech

Juliana van Stolberglaan 4-10 · Den Haag

How to find us

Find "The Hague Tech" on Maps, ring the bell for "Blockbar" and go to the 3rd floor. Then left.

Location image of event venue


An exciting new Vierde vrijdag this month, featuring virtual reality demos, blockchain talks & info on the development of a new content creators platform. September 28th!

Vierde vrijdag is a day for coworking, networking, sharing ideas & showing projects. In the afternoon there're talks for and by the community.


Starting at 10:00 there's coffee, a good time to meet everyone. Feel free to work on projects, chat with each other, get feedback. From 2pm there're presentations & it's possible to present your project.

This Vierde vrijdag takes place at The Hague Tech, the tech hub just behind The Hague Central Station.


You can reach The Hague Tech easily by bike, train, metro, bus, and tram. (If you are by car, there is paid street parking in the area till 14:00.)

For a walking route from Central Station to The Hague Tech, see the last image in de 'images carousel' of this page.


10:00 Be welcome to meet & (co)work, have an informal gathering, create your mini-hackathon..

12:30 Have salad/bread/fries at The Hague Tech for only 5 EUR, or bring your own.

📢 TALKS/SESSIONS (parallel)

★ 14:00 Introduction & 2-minute announcements

Have something to share, ask or announce to the community? Do it now! You have three minutes to share what you want to share.

In this intro you'll get to know the cool projects from in and outside the community in no time.

★ 14:15 - 14:45 The Content Blockchain project

The Content Blockchain Project is an open initiative to support the creation of a dedicated blockchain network designed for the media ecosystem.

The network will simplify digital content identification, license management, content distribution and the monetization of digital content. It is open and can be used by anyone to create innovative applications, enabling new business models on a decentralized network.

The session by Sebastian Posth will introduce the Content Blockchain, the ISCC digital standard identifier and present the roadmap for the launch of the network.

★ 15:00 - 15:30 Mining cryptocurrencies: This is how it works

Mick (CryptoPepes) will give you a mining demo. You'll learn about Proof of Work & blockchain consensus mechanisms. The people in the audience function as block producers. Join this interactive, informative session to learn about the way blockchain works.

★ 15:45 - 16:15 The state of Virtual Reality by DutchVR

DutchVR is a well known The Hague based company specialized in creating VR and AR applications. In this session by Duncan Smit you'll see one of the newer demos. During the day it's possible to experience VR / AR yourself!

★ 16:15 - 16:45 Blockchain Monthly Update

Blockchain Monthly Update / What happened in blockchain this month? The Blockbar community shares the latest news, current crypto projects & insights on blockchain space.

Program to be finalized. Leave a message if you want a time slot for your topic.


17:00 Get to know the people even more, start new projects together, drink on failures and success. Drinks can be payed in both crypto, cash & e-EUR.


Vierde vrijdag group chat on Telegram: