Past Meetup

Viewfinder Center - Studio & Model Jam - May 18


On May 18th, Viewfinder will host a "Studio Jam" at our neighboring photo studio in Winterthur. We are pleased to welcome back our star model - Sira Topic (who worked with us on the fashion photography workshop in April) for more fun and creative collaboration. To check out more of her work, visit the Viewfinder blog (fashion workshop) and

Because there are costs associated with renting a professional photo studio and paying a professional model - this will be a paid Meetup Event, with each photographer contributing Fr. 55.- for their participation.

We'll do two sessions: one indoor studio shoot and (weather permitting) one outdoor shoot at a nearby urban location - (both shoots with Sira). Each photographer will have two 7 minute blocks of time in both the indoor and outdoor scenarios - during which he/she is the lead photographer. While the lead photographer is shooting, we will have a secondary photographer shooting from a non-interfering position. This will allow each of the 8 participants a full hour (in total) of active shooting time during the 4 hour-long Studio Jam.

Matt will assist with the lighting setup and provide a bit of coaching if requested, but otherwise - bring your creativity and just go for it! Sira is a ton of fun to shoot with and will bring her usual energetic self and posing expertise.

Because this Meetup is being limited to 8 participants - space will be allocated on a first-come first-served basis. Payment must be made in advance to Viewfinder's business account or Paypal account to reserve a space. Please email Matt immediately after making a payment so that we can keep track of attendance.

Please send Fr. 55.- to:

PhotoWorks 312 GmbH
Else Züblin-Strasse[masked] Winterthur

IBAN: CH[masked] 2201 N

or via Paypal: ([masked])

Viewfinder Center for Photography
Else Züblin-Strasse[masked] Winterthur

The studio has all of the necessary lighting equipment. You are responsible for bringing your own camera equipment. We would prefer that you not bring a tripod or any studio lighting equipment (for space reasons). A couple of lenses and an SLR camera body with a PC sync port (for plugging in a studio strobe to your camera) or a hot-shoe for attaching a Pocket Wizard - is really all you'll need. The Jam will wrap up at 18:00 and we'll likely grab a drink across the street at Gerry's Bar afterward - for those who are interested.

We look forward to seeing you there!