Join us for a short morning ride to DC's Maine Avenue Fish Market to enjoy some seafood. We'll take a nice morning stroll (read as slow) from King Street Blues to Maine Avenue Fish Market. The entire ride and lunch should take about 3 hours.

Route: Google Maps (

A little history : The Maine Avenue Fish Market of Washington, D.C., also known as "the Wharf" or "the Fish Wharf", is one of the few surviving open air seafood markets on the east coast. In operation since 1805,[1] it is the oldest continuously operating fish market in the United States, 17 years older than New York City's Fulton Market, which was relocated to the Bronx in 2005. The Maine Avenue Market was relocated in the 1960s, within a few blocks of its original location on the Washington Channel.

As far as the menu goes , there's a whole bunch of selection of seafood from raw oysters, clam chowders , fried / steam shrimps , crabs and so on. We will meet at KSB at 10:30 AM.

All weather related cancellation/postpone will be announced on the night before or the morning of the ride

Fuel up your tank, check your chains and tire pressure. Make sure you bike is in an operational condition.

Kick stands will be up at 11:00 AM.