Biomedical imaging innovations toward a path to better bci


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Biomedical imaging innovations toward a path to better bci with guest speaker Jean Rintoul

A special Neurotech event at the Red Victorian!

The Red Victorian is teaming up with NeurotechX SF to bring you another side of the experimental hotel. We will be hosting regular Neurotech SF hack days where we can all gather to work on the science that we have been dreaming of :) To kick this off, we are co-hosting with Micah of NeurotechX SF, to bring you a front row seat into the new world of Open Source Biomedical Imaging, with new more accessible and affordable medical imaging technology & techniques that rival MRI machines. There are many techniques that work that can be explored safely and inexpensively, that could give the developing world new access at medical imaging, and give hackers a way to explore and improve this tech for the greater good. New technologies and techniques are far more accessible than a CATSCAN or MRI and this may lead to better preventative health for everyone. Electrical Impedance Tomography is one such technique:

Join us this evening for a presentation and demonstration of Spectra: a biomedical imaging device that uses AC current to recreate an image using the same technique as a CATSCAN. Come and learn how it works, what it can be used for and then for an open discussion on medical imaging, how to improve it and make it more accessible for all.

7pm meet, chat and healthy snacks
7:30pm Presentation on the open electrical impedance tomography project.
8:00- 8:15pm Demonstration of it in action!
8:15- 9:30: Interactive Discussion topics:
- better cheaper ways to do medical imaging.
- low hanging fruit applications in biosensors.
- the state of medical imaging in the developing world.
- medical imaging as a path toward better BCI.
- business models that encourage sharing in the medical device space.

Join us for an interactive discussion on medical imaging and the path to better BCI's!

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:: This is a free event - we are creating a commons!

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About NeurotechX San Francisco

In general our Neurohacking group is studying how to do semantic segmentation on 3D data such as point clouds, voxels, meshes etc that might be collected with lidar, RGBd cameras, fMRI machines, FNIRS functional near infrared spectroscopy, EIT electrical impedance tomography, Furaxa Microwave Imaging, or new highly spatial EEG tech

Previous examples of our work with EEG and VR:‬

Here is older video of the Neurohaxor WebXR, EEG, FFT, Scatterplot/spectrogram project running in WebVR from[masked]

This was our original event description for Neurohaxor code nights

The story so far:

Watch the Neural Lace Podcast Season 2 Episode 1 NeuroTechX and OpenEIT with Jean Rintoul to get the big picture vision of what we want to accomplish.

Also watch the Neural Lace Podcast S2 E2 with Jules Urbach

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