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Philosophical discussion group for men, for discussion of topics like: moral values, Christian love, virtue ethics, and the intellectual aspects of manliness.

THE AIM OF THIS GROUP is to be a place for discussion and re-discovery of all those ideas and intellectual concepts (like Virtue Ethics, and like the issues being raised by Jordan Peterson) that are vital to life as a man and that were natural and central to society in the past, but seem to have gotten swept under the rug since the sixties. Note however that this is not an activist group, but instead a group for open philosophical discussion, with the aim of self-improvement. Also, this is not a "traditionalist" group, but instead the aim here is to revitalize forgotten ideas and to grow and adapt these ideas so that they become viable in the modern world.

The term "philosophy" in this group is not meant in the sense of an exclusively academic or theoretical pursuit, but is meant as: independent rational thinking, and discussion based on logical thinking and on observable, testable facts. The aim of this group is discussion for the purpose of discovering ways of thinking that may help improve our lives. Knowledge of philosophy as an academic subject is not required for joining this group.

TOPICS AND CONCEPTS DISCUSSED IN THIS GROUP include: The ancient Greek idea that Man is a rational being by nature (i.e. that rationality and logic are not "unnatural"). The mind-set of Virtue (seeking to become a good person for its own sake). Ethics and Freedom (moral values are not the rules that society imposes on you, but the values you believe in yourself). How moral values and critical thinking (or a lack thereof) impact on the mechanisms of social interaction in groups, and on group psychology; and how mass media and mass indoctrination work from a sociological point of view. The societal and intellectual damage done by the Romanticism movement (which redefined the word "Love" to exclusively mean "romantic love") and by the sixties (which further redefined the word "Love" to mean sex only). How to survive and thrive as a man in the current world, despite it having been poisoned by ideas like third-wave feminism and the mentality of people claiming constantly increasing "rights" for themselves. How despite everything, Virtue is still useful in everyday life (for example, in job applications, and in starting a business). How to escape from the mindset of consumerism, dependency, and weakness that media and popular culture are pushing you into, and to start being your own man and living your own life.

Please note carefully that the term "Love" in the group name is intended strictly only in the sense of Christian Love and Brotherly Love (φιλία), not in the sense of sex or romantic love. One of the ills of modern society is that, since the sixties, society seems to have forgotten the concept of Christian/Brotherly Love, with as a result our present ego-centered (or even narcissistic) culture of constant self-gratification, which in my view is not the right path for finding happiness, especially not for men. I believe that instead, happiness comes from the hard work invested in becoming a better person and in contributing to society. Narcissism (the reverse of Christian Love) destroys happiness, not only for others, but also for yourself. Unrelated to this, I also believe that Love (in the sense of Christian/Brotherly Love) is a very masculine thing, a thing that generates energy and light.


HOW TO JOIN: After joining the group, please write a brief text under "Introduction" in your profile, mentioning some of the philosophical topics that you are most interested in discussing -- many thanks in advance. Purpose of the intro texts is to help create an open and friendly atmosphere that stimulates discussion. RSVPing (Anmeldung) for meetup events is allowed only for those members who have been so kind as to upload a meaningful profile text.

LANGUAGES: This group is bilingual English-German. Diese Gruppe ist zweisprachig Englisch-Deutsch. Sie können immer überall die deutsche Sprache verwenden.

For any questions, or if you'd simply like to chat, then contact me (Menno Rubingh) (click on me, then click "Message"). I'm always enthused to hear from people who are interested in the broad topic area outlined above.


NOTE 1: This is a group for men only. Sorry gentle ladies, we love you dearly, but sometimes men have to be among themselves. Conservative women interested in this topic area are very cordially invited to join my other group https://www.meetup.com/Cheerful-Conservatives-Leipzig/ which (among other social activities) also features philosophical discussion.

NOTE 2: This group is NOT intended to be a group for gay men. Gay men interested in the topic area and in philosophical discussion are welcome to join. However if you are looking for a gay (homosexual) group specifically, then this is probably not the right group for you.

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