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"I organise events that bring people together, because I believe that in a world full of conflict and technology there is an increasing need for dialogue. Through my social art practice, I advocate face-to-face interaction, away from the app-and-screen-culture that we are creating. I use collaborative drawing to facilitate these workshops, because it offers a very different and exciting method of communication. Drawing together helps to break the ice and enables everyone to contribute. My aim is to create a sense of community through this shared experience. Furthermore, I want to create a space for critical thinking in order to achieve a deeper understanding of diverse perspectives. By sharing stories and insights, we gain greater empathy. I call this gaining visual agency."


Visual Agency facilitate workshops and courses that stimulate dialogue, creative thinking and community-building through visual communication. Collaborative drawing helps to engage with others and to discuss complex societal, political and cultural issues. Whether it's team-building, networking or educational sessions, Visual Agency is about stimulating curiosity, creativity and collaboration.


Agnieszka Mlicka, artist, researcher and facilitator, started Visual Agency in Copenhagen in 2016. She has organised over 40 workshops and 3 courses on Developing Your Creativity, aside of her research into participatory visualisation. Agnieszka has an MFA Fine Art degree from the University of Oxford and an MA Painting degree from the University of the Arts London. She has undertaken 6 years of PhD research in art and architecture at Central Saint Martins, University of the Arts London.

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