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Reza Ali - Designing Visualizations and Interfaces with Code

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USF's Data Visualization Speaker Series presents:

Reza Ali Designing Visualizations and Interfaces with Code

Monday, April 28, 2014


McLaren 250 on the USF Campus

Please join us for food, drinks, and mind-melting graphics on Monday, April 28! Reza Ali is a San Francisco-based computational designer and creative engineer; he is a great speaker and creates stunning work.

Reza’s talk will explore the process of designing and implementing interfaces and generative visualizations. He will showcase his most recent works and address the aesthetic considerations and challenges involved in creating each piece.

6:30–7:15 Doors open, socializing, food, drinks
7:15–8:15 Speaker's presentation
8:15–9:00 More socializing, Q&A

This is the first event in USF's new Data Visualization Speaker Series, co-organized by Sophie Engle (Computer Science), Alark Joshi (Computer Science), and Scott Murray (Design). The poster is by Andy Davies (, a Design student at USF. Special thanks to the Office of Dean in the College of Arts and Sciences for sponsoring this event. (Please write the Dean a thank-you note if you enjoy the food, drink, and luxurious accommodations.)

Bio: Reza ( is a computational designer & creative engineer. He uses code to express himself, and creates tools and libraries to help others create. He is the author of ofxUI, one of the most popular add-ons for openFrameworks (an arts-engineering toolkit). Though his works is highly visual, he is interested in the ideas and implications of his tools, works, and methodology. As an artist & engineer he is deeply interested in the feedback cycle that occurs when customs tools are written to accomplish an artwork, and how those tools can enable artworks to go beyond what the artist had originally envisioned. Reza is excited to find those happy accidents, beautiful moments of interaction and magic that comes with making something novel with technology. He hopes to change the world by making a difference in how people use technology, design products and experience new media art and entertainment.

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