[WEBINAR] Voice Marketing: Time to Get Started!

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Hey voice techies!

We just had a super successful presentation at Data and AI Marketing Conference (https://datamarketing.ca/2019/ ) in Toronto, where we talked about Voice Marketing and the "low effort"/"high impact" ways Brands, Marketers and Agencies can enter the Voice Tech space. Due to the overwhelming feedback from the conference, we'd like to share the same presentation in a webinar format with our community!

👨🏻‍🚀Who is this webinar for?
This webinar is for Brand Managers, Product Marketers, Ad Agencies, who want to learn about using voice assistants for marketing (no hype, just things that work).

✅What will be covered?
- Understanding voice technologies and conversational AI
- State of the market: market size, adoption, best use cases
- Where to start if you're a marketer (with real examples)
- Q&A session

✍️ How do I register?
Please use this link: https://meetinglab.zoho.com/meeting/register?sessionId=1018654127. If you are facing issues please reach out to us on Slack: shorturl.at/kyAJR

For more information and materials from previous workshops please join our Slack community: shorturl.at/pCGTZ

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