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We love to see you ballers. Please RSVP. We need head counts for nets. The nets are heavy!

{And, don't you whine if we didn't bring extra nets }

Get up, grab coffee and breakfast. Play some VB!

For our party peeps, 9.30 AM start time should work!

We do have our own nets (2-3). Please help set it up while waiting for game. We'll be there until 2 to 3 if the weather permits.

Please check out the Basic Beach Volleyball Rules at http://volleyball.mee... (http://volleyball.meetup.com/77/pages/Basic_Beach_Volleyball_Rules/)

Winners accept challenges from the group; if win, winners stay. Winners stay for consecutive wins up to 2 games.

We usually stay until 1-ish. Please let other VB addicts know your start time. We want to make sure, you got 3 more ballers for games.

Play VB, make friends, and be happy! Bring sunblock and plenty of water.