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SD Beach Volleyball Meetup to play 2 x 2 - Early Birds

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Get up, grab coffee and breakfast. Play some VB!

Looking for a few good boys or girls to start at 8

All VB courts at South Mission are public courts. It is First Come, First Serve. All courts will be taken by 8am. For good beach VB etiquette, we can't hold two courts without at least 6-8 people.

Early Birds Reward: Each player who RSVPs will be able to play consistently from 8-10am- Men or Co-ed nets

**The first 4 people to show up will play on the first net from 8 to 10am. The next 4 people to show up will set up a second net and play on that one from 8 to 10am. **

If you can't get to the beach by 8:00am, do not sign up for the Early Bird session as you will be making people who did get there early wait for you before they can play, plus taking the spot away from someone who can be there early.

After 10am, regular Meetup play begin. We'll be there until 2 to 3 if the weather permits.

Please check out the Basic Beach Volleyball Rules at http://volleyball.mee... (

Winners accept challenges from the group; if win, winners stay. Winners stay for consecutive wins up to 2 games beginning at 10am.

Play VB, make friends, and be happy! Bring sunblock and plenty of water.