Canceled Meetup

Two Courts at Stanton C+ Rating Or Higher ONLY

Hosted by Jared and Kevin K.
From The Chicago Beach Volleyball Meetup Group


There will be kids playing tiny-tots basketball in the gym until 6:15 so if you get there early, don't panic when you see some action in the gym. We will set-up the same way we have in the past and we will start at the same time.

We have the courts rented at Stanton from 7pm - 8:45. Set-up beings at 6:30. Gym closes at 9pm - we need be out of there by 8:55pm - lights out.

* No teams waiting - 4 teams.

* Two Courts - 21 points, win by 2 or first to 25.

* No hot heads. If you need to yell at people for their mistakes, then this isn't the court for you. Help people get as good as you!

* C + or higher. We run an offense. We play competitively but we have fun and help people learn to reach the next level. Call you own violations.

* $7 per person

* There is a locker room. You MUST bring a change of shoes. There is a new gym floor so look out for the shoe-police!

* Waiting List Policy: Once the first game finishes, the people on the wait list take over the open spot.

* No-show AND day-of cancellation policy: Once, yeah - it happens, we understand. A second time - you will need to pay for your no-show before you can RSVP again.

* Enter from Clybourn - see photo. The parking lot is small and it will be packed. Additional parking in front (north) of the boarded up church. Free parking.


  • BenYusuf

    What does C+ mean?

    3 years ago
  • Kevin K.

    Kevin K.

    I am going to cancel unless we want to play twos!!! LOL!

    3 years ago
  • Rob

    is this on today still?

    3 years ago