This Meetup is past

20 people went


First, let us make sure we all on the same level / page - or close to it.

Please make sure you are C+ or higher - this is not a rec league. We are looking for players that really want to be competitive but have a fun work-out at the same time. Players must have the skill and knowledge to bump, set and spike, be able to handle a spiked ball and to run an offense.

Second, let's serve it up!

$7 per person

Please sign up if you are for sure you can play. Please don't sign up and wait to see Friday at 4pm if you can play :) Cancelations after noon will be considered a no-show.

****Please do not arrive any earlier than 6:00. If you are earlier than that, hang-out in your car please.

****The school locks the doors are 6pm. We will have someone there to let you in. The last person to walk in gets door duty until the next person arrives then they get door duty. Do not pry open the door - we will get in major trouble.

****After the second game is when anyone on the waiting list can take over a no-show spot.

***We have 19 spots available - if there is an extra player, we will have that one player rotate in.

Feel free to email me if you any questions.