Past Meetup

Capture the Flag Social Bar Tournament - Denver

This Meetup is past

Price: $5.00 /per person

Needs a location


Capture the Flag is back Bar Edition Style! We have 4 host bars that will host your team. We will divide the team up to attackers and defenders to capture the flag. Hide the flag in host bar and then go out and try to capture the opposing teams flag. Defenders cant go to jail as they are the only people who can send people to jail while trying to protect their flag. Attackers can be sent to jail if defenders tag them.

Capture the Flag – Bar Edition

Rules of the Game -There will be no running in this game since drinking will be involved.

1) Teams will consist of teams of at least 5 – 20 (teams of 5 we can match with other teams of 5-8).

2) Time limit will be 2 hours. If no winner has been named yet then the winner will be determined by how many players are not in jail.

3) There will be 4 host bars for the 4 teams playing. Team will hide flag in bar where at least one side of the flag can be seen.

4) Home teams cannot stay in home bar, they must be at least 20 ft. outside home bar. There will be no running inside the bar, or outside the bar for safety purposes.

5) If any player on the opposite team tags you then you must go to jail (Jail will be the bar of the team that tagged you). To get out of jail you must either drink a beer or wait 10 minutes (if showing signs of drunkenness they will have to wait the 10 minutes). Player then has to go back to home bar to be able to play again.

6) Once a team has successfully taken an opponent’s flag back to their home bar team will be eliminated and then head back to their home bar. Once 3 teams flags have been captured we will have a winner.

7) If game goes by quickly then we will play more games, team with the best overall finish will advance to the championship game.

8) Only Defenders will be able to tag someone out of the game, Attackers cant tag someone out of the game.

9) Teams will all wear same colored shirt.


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