OpenBCI, An Opensource Brain Computer Initiative

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What Is OpenBCI?

OpenBCI is a low-cost, Arduino-compatible, open-source EEG platform that gives anybody with a computer access to the electrical signals emitted by their brain. We recognize the potential of the open-source movement to accelerate innovation in brain science through collaborative hardware and software development. Behind the many lines of code and circuit diagrams, OpenBCI has a growing community of scientists, engineers, designers, artists, makers, and just about anyone who’s interested in unlocking the mysteries of the mind. We believe that the biggest challenges we face in understanding what makes us who we are cannot be solved by a company, an institution, or even an entire field of science for that matter. Rather, we believe that these discoveries will only be made through an open forum of shared knowledge and concerted effort by people from many different disciplines.

The evening will begin with a mini-lecture by OpenBCI co-founder Conor Russomanno on the current state of commercial and DIY brain-computer interfacing (BCI) technology. It will then summarize the OpenBCI initiative: the mission, the technology, and the community. Fellow co-founder Joel Murphy will expand upon the technology, addressing the more granular details of the OpenBCI hardware and EEG data flow from head to hardware to computer. Then, Joel and Conor will demonstrate the OpenBCI platform, showing what DIY brainwaves look like in real-time!

The talk will wrap up with time for Q&A.