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NYC Mesh is a community owned resilient Wi-Fi mesh network, started by a
group of passionate volunteers in New York City.

The aim is to create a free, resilient, stand-alone communication system
that serves both for daily use and also for emergencies — be it power
outages or Internet disruption — running software that helps our
community with hyperlocal maps and events.

During this meetup, Brian, Dan and Julien will present the status of the
network, how it works, how to get involved and why this could be useful
for artists, technologists and the citizens of New York. There will also
be some prepared nodes that you can buy ($28) and bring home to get
yourself immediately on board.


Open space for artists & technologists to get hands-on with new technology. We supply a bunch of hardware and a chill environment so you can hack away.

Tweet: @hardwarehacklab ( at #ThoughtWorksNYC (

Visit: (

We use creative coding environments like openFrameworks or Max/MSP to play with everything from webcams to Oculus Rift. People of all experience levels, from beginners to veterans are welcome here.


This meetup has no particular structure. We don't have 'hack lab' projects. We work on whatever we, and you, bring in each week - which could be anything.

The schedule is loose, the feeling is social and non-judgemental. We are just curious and want to see your projects. So bring what you have and share!


Oculus, Kinect 1/2, Arduino, Leap, Glass, Depth video, Brain-Computer Interface, openFrameworks, SuperCollider, Max/MSP, vvvv, Processing.


Some of these items are only available on request or particular occasions. Use the comments below and direct messages to find out if particular hardware or people with particular skills will be around that week.

If you can't confirm, still drop by and meet us. The lab is a great place to come and learn and meet people.