Hardware Hack Lab - Talk On Git By Tom Ritchford and Art by Tomas Laurenzo

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Git Is Great.

Version control has been around for over forty years - so what makes gitdifferent? The average git user has a few memorized commands that they use, and fear and trembling beyond that - can't we do better?

In this 25(*) minute talk, Tom Ritchford explains the conceptual roots of git, and why it's a game changer that's applicable to a wide range of projects beyond the software development world.

At the end of this talk, you might not remember a single specific git command, but you will understand what's going on and what questions to ask.

About the speaker.
Tom Ritchford (http://tom.ritchford.com/) has been writing computer programs since the 1970s. Currently employed as a senior software engineer at Ripple Labs, he has worked for companies from Google to Drexel Burnham Lambert. In his spare time, he writes programs for lasers and other lights, which he uses as part of a music show under the name Tom Swirly.

Tomas Laurenzo

Tomás Laurenzo is an artist and academic who works with both physical and digital media to explore the artistic construction of meaning and its relation with power and politics.

In this talk, he will be presenting some of his works, which span across different practices, including installation, interactive art, music, live cinema, and digital lutherie.



Open space for artists & technologists to get hands-on with new technology. We supply a bunch of hardware and a chill environment so you can hack away.

Tweet: @hardwarehacklab (https://twitter.com/hardwarehacklab) at #ThoughtWorksNYC (https://twitter.com/hashtag/thoughtworksnyc)

Visit: hardwarehacklab.io (http://hardwarehacklab.io/)

We use creative coding environments like openFrameworks or Max/MSP to play with everything from webcams to Oculus Rift. People of all experience levels, from beginners to veterans are welcome here.


This meetup has no particular structure. We don't have 'hack lab' projects. We work on whatever we, and you, bring in each week - which could be anything.

The schedule is loose, the feeling is social and non-judgemental. We are just curious and want to see your projects. So bring what you have and share!


Oculus, Kinect 1/2, Arduino, Leap, Glass, Depth video, Brain-Computer Interface, openFrameworks, SuperCollider, Max/MSP, vvvv, Processing.


Some of these items are only available on request or particular occasions. Use the comments below and direct messages to find out if particular hardware or people with particular skills will be around that week.

If you can't confirm, still drop by and meet us. The lab is a great place to come and learn and meet people.