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Mixed Reality, Hololens, biometrics in VR, Ying Liu, Miao Tian, hannes bend

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Mixed Reality, Hololens, biometrics in VR, Ying Liu, Miao Tian, hannes bend

- YIng Liu will show an excerpt from a prototype performance of Ah-ah-ahs, a work-in-progress, mixed-reality play, as well as some clips from previous shows, highlighting the use of cellphones.

Born and raised in the Zhoushan Archipelago, China, Ying Liu prefers making her time-based work with tiny thoughts rather than big ideas. Historic arts organization Emily Harvey Foundation in New York has presented her work in numerous solo showings including screening (O Ppl Prefer) Techshting A(ny)way, Don’t Be Shy, Man! – a hybrid show inspired by Stuart Sherman’s poetry, and evening-length dance performance Now We Start from the Arm.

- Miao Tain will show her Hololens project - Icy Wonderland:

Different from VR, AR projects can fully utilize physical space. My project is inspired by the setting of Alice in Wonderland. It sets on a specific space located in the building of NYU Tisch School. This space contains a small landing on the second level which over sees the lobby. Audiences will encounter a surreal experience where all physical objects are frozen into ice and trigger magical holograms pop up.


My next step is to make content for Holokit (, which is an affordable device for AR. In my opinion, this device is more suitable for those AR projects which target a large number of audience.

Miao Tain is a 2nd year student at NYU ITP. She comes from professional architecture and industrial design background, and is constantly trying to design the physical and the virtual together. Icy Wonderland is her first bigger scale AR project. Currently she is collaborating as a designer with a new media art studio called Amber Garage (, who made Holokit project.

-hannes bend

During his ThoughtWorks Arts Residency, hannes bend and collaborators have been focusing on multiple projects related to biofeedback, biometrics and mindfulness. One project developed is SEAing Breath, also for the Sea Level Rise program of Miami-Dade County and The University of Miami. Together with Maria Mishurenko and Gordey Chernyy, they merged art, VR, breath biofeedback and science for a game-like experience. The 'embodied education' offers the latest VR technology, mindfulness, top science research and resources to connect with local and global activist communities.


SEAing Breath will be installed at presented at renowned institutions and museums. www. (

Another project being developed with Lewey Geselowitz (from Lucasfilm / ILMxLAB) explores the integration of biometrics and biosensors to learn about biofields:

Livestream on YouTube

If you can't make it in person, follow the livestream here (!


Open space for artists & technologists to get hands-on with new technology. We supply a bunch of hardware and a chill environment so you can hack away.

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We use creative coding environments like openFrameworks or Max/MSP to play with everything from webcams to Oculus Rift. People of all experience levels, from beginners to veterans are welcome here.


This meetup has no particular structure. We don't have 'hack lab' projects. We work on whatever we, and you, bring in each week - which could be anything.

The schedule is loose, the feeling is social and non-judgemental. We are just curious and want to see your projects. So bring what you have and share!


Oculus, Kinect 1/2, Arduino, Leap, Glass, Depth video, Brain-Computer Interface, openFrameworks, SuperCollider, Max/MSP, vvvv, Processing.


Some of these items are only available on request or particular occasions. Use the comments below and direct messages to find out if particular hardware or people with particular skills will be around that week.

If you can't confirm, still drop by and meet us. The lab is a great place to come and learn and meet people.