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Needs a date and time

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I saw this on the news last night. Blankets and towels can be taken to their location in Lebanon. Please read all.

For more information on how to volunteer, contact the organization by email, [masked].

Dozens of wolf-dog hybrids have been rescued from the home of their recently deceased owner, who according to officials was a convicted animal abuser.

The Animal Rescue Corps was called to a property in Ohio County, Kentucky on Friday.

The dogs were found to be living in what Officials from ARC called "horrible conditions." Investigators said the owner of the dogs had recently died and had been convicted of animal abuse.

Officials from ARC said a field team assessed the situation and would assist in placing the 24-dogs in animal shelters. Some of the dogs were scheduled to be transported to an emergency ARC shelter in Lebanon, Tennessee.

Scotlund Haisley, President of Animal Rescue Corps, said his group also gained custody of the 128 dogs rescued from a Monticello, Kentucky puppy mill on September 19.

"It's rare that we actually have a rescue come on top of an existing rescue," said Haisley. "It happens, but probably once every couple of years."

He said 128 dogs would soon be placed with various organizations to adopt them.

Volunteers spent most of the day getting the latest rescues nursed back to good health.

Animal Rescue Corps said it needs monetary help, along with blankets and towels. Organizers said supplies could be dropped off at 200 Carver Lane in Lebanon.

Donations could also be made on the group's website,