Weekly Meditation and Service


This is our regular Wednesday night meeting. Meetings include a short service, a dharma talk, and either guided or silent meditation. The service format follows below. See DeLand Meetings at www.volusiabuddhist.org for details about individual meetings.

Incense Offering

The fragrance of this incense invites the awakened mind to be truly
present with us now.
The fragrance of this incense fills our room, protects and guards our
minds from wrong thinking.
The fragrance of this incense unites us.
With precepts, concentration, and insight
we offer it for all in Oneness.

Homage to the Buddha

Namo tassa bhagavato arahato samma –sambuddhasa
(Homage to the blessed one, the pure one, the rightly self-awakened one.)

Three Treasures Reading

Sensei: "I go to the Buddha for guidance."

ALL: "I shall become one with the Buddha. I resolve that I shall each day follow the Way of Life he laid down for us to walk and awaken to his supreme wisdom."

Sensei: "I go to the Dharma for guidance."

ALL: "I shall become one with the Dharma. The gates of Dharma are manifold; I vow
to enter them all. The goal of wisdom is ever beyond; I shall attain it."

Sensei: "I go to the Sangha for guidance."

ALL: "I shall become one with the Sangha. In the spirit of universal fellowship and as a member of the Sangha, I pledge myself to strive for the enlightenment of all beings."

Reading or Sutra Study

Dharma Talk

Silent or Guided Meditation

Dedication of Merit

May all beings always live happily
Free from animosity.
May all share in the blessings
That spring from the good we have done.

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