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Hello and welcome!

Please make sure that you read ALL of this group description right to the end and that you agree with the guidelines. If you do not agree with them, please do not join the group. If you do not adhere to all of the guidelines, you will be asked to leave.

Okay, so what is this group all about?

We are a London-based Private Members' Club/Group for anyone interested in voyeurism or exhibitionism -- in other words people who like watching other people and other people who like being watched. It's open to men, women and couples of all ages, sexuality, colour, religion (or none) and size. It's for like-minded adults who want to explore their "kink" in a safe, respectful and non-judgemental environment.

All Meetups are consensual between like-minded adults over the age of 18 and no one is coerced to do anything. It's easy-going, respectful and fun. You can just watch if you want to with no pressure to "exhibit" yourself.

Any monies that are collected as a contribution by attendees goes towards paying for the hotel (or private house) that we use, covering any legitimate expenses of the main "exhibiting" couple and towards maintaining and running the group on Meetup and other websites.

We usually meet in nice hotels or in private homes. This is a club for people who have a genuine interest in voyeurism and/or exhibitionism. We are a nice, friendly (mainly) professional bunch of people and like to create a good atmosphere when we get together.

We don't like rules as such, but there are some guidelines:

** No one is allowed to get in touch with another member of the group on the message service prior to meeting them at a Meetup, and only then with their express permission. The group has to be safe for all people, especially females.

** No photography, filming or recordings of any kind are allowed and mobile phones must be put away on arrival.

** A "no" means no. Simple. We all know that. We have had 24 Meetups so far and they have all been great fun and we want to keep it that way, so please respect boundaries and do not take anything for granted. We are all open-minded adults who like fun, so let's keep it that way.

** Members are not allowed to post or advertise their own meetings or private get-togethers on the discussion boards. If you want to do that, please use other websites. The discussion boards on here are only for this group's Meetup-related events.

And what is the group not about?

We are not a brothel. No one is paid (or pays) for sex.

We are not a dating agency, although people do meet others at our events, but that is a private matter between them.

We are not a swingers' club, although once an "exhibiting" couple get going, nature does take its course and (with permission) some people like to play with each other and other people simply watch proceedings.

We are Voyeurs and Exhibitionists -- simple.

If you join this group it is on the understanding that you have read this and are willing to comply to these very simple, but important, guidelines. If you don't do so (and after a fair warning) you will be removed from the group.

That said, this is a friendly, welcoming group and we hope to see you all soon!

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