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In this meeting, Health Impact Studio (a division of Clinical Tools, Inc) will talk about their progress on an NIAAA grant (#5R44AA[masked]) to build medical student peer support skills and resiliency. The goal of the project is to create a 3D simulation for medical students to practice interacting with peers and respond to stressful situations, enhance coping, and develop ways to respond that decrease the use of unhealthy behaviors such as alcohol misuse. During Phase I, we created and evaluated a prototype simulation. We conducted needs analysis to identify stresses, associated impact on clinical medicine, research-based interventions, and assessment tools based on literature review, faculty consultation, and formative analysis. We are now working on Phase II and currently in development toward a prototype in VR. We have moved our development from Unity to Unreal which has provided amazing graphics and the potential to use the newly released MetaHuman Creator for life-like character interactions. We will walk you through our game (most likely via video walkthrough) but will encourage you to download the headset or PC version to provide feedback from your own experience.

Our purpose is: To connect educators, developers and others in this space to create effective ways of developing and implementing VR in educational spaces.

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