VR Society Start of SummAR 2018 Social @ CoMotion on King


Wow it has been a long time since we had our last Meetup! CoMotion on King in Hamilton has invited me to host our summer social VR Society meetup. This is a great coworking space and a great place for our Meetup to discuss anything VR/AR/MR and socialize.

Some things we may work on would be:

3DAgency will run a demo showcasing the Microsoft HoloLens utilizing Holographic Remoting. Holographic Remoting allows for a HoloLens to utilize the rendering power of a connected PC. This allows for greater processing intensive holographic experiences to be viewed through the HoloLens.

Testing with:
Alienware 17 R4
32GB, GTX1080, I7 Quad Core 7820HK 2.90GHz
-With a custom Unity environment & 3D models and other features that we can mod on the fly and see what kind of results we can get.

Discuss and demo some of the latest Augmented reality features on ARKit 2 and ARCore. IE Multi user, Cloud Anchors etc, Going to test out some things with AR Foundation as well which is still in beta. Bring your ARcore or ARkit compatible phone.

-Possibly a HTC Vive to gear GearVR lens hack/mod conversion.
-possibly test a MSi VR Backpack
-usage of Vive Trackers (1.0) for locomotion or other. 3 Units
-Test out some other misc VR/AR hardware bring your Vive Focus or Oculus Go.

The details of the meetup will firm up over the next few days.

Anyone who would like to present a VR/AR/MR related project please let me know. If you have any new interesting hardware also please let me know in advance and bring it by if possible. The more people that reach out the more Meetups we can have. :-). Please come forth with your ideas or demos.

This is a FEE FREE event however please RSVP as this is an invite from our friends at CoMotion.