Vue Philly Meetup - April Edition

This is a past event

47 people went

North American Building

121 S Broad St · Philadelphia, PA

How to find us

We will be meeting on the 10th floor

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Welcome to Vue Philly - April edition!

I know it's been a while since our last meetup, and I apologize for the delay. I'm really excited about this agenda. We will be meeting at the offices of Guru in center city.


First Speaker: Matt Brophy (URBN) - "Supercharged SFC's"

Matt will be kicking off our meetup with a 10 - 15 min lightning talk about custom webpack loaders for single file Vue components

Second Speaker: Trevor Geise - "Vue & Firebase: Building prototypes fast, cheap and maybe scalable"

Learn how Context is rapidly building and testing prototypes for next to nothing with Vue.js and Firebase. Talk will cover app architecture, using VUEX to make your code flexible, going serverless with Firebase, and the gotchas of working with Firebase and Firestore.

Main Speaker: Vladimir Novick ( - "Introduction to GraphQL: What is GraphQL and how its designed to improve your team’s communication."

In this talk, I will motivate how the process of API development and API integration is fraught with inefficiency that GraphQL was designed to streamline from the ground-up. In this unique introduction to GraphQL, we will cover the pros of GraphQL and its trade-offs that is ideal for developers looking for a rapid introduction to the why, what and how of GraphQL. I was a GraphQL skeptic and this talk is inspired by my journey of understanding how GraphQL works, why it is such an important idea and what makes it better than things that came before it.

People of all experience levels and backgrounds welcome.

About the presenters:

Matt Brophy is a Senior Web Engineer/Architect at Urban Outfitters, overseeing ongoing architecture and development of their current (and future) e-commerce websites. He has been programming since his teenage years, and focusing primarily in Front-end/Node.js development for the past ~7 years.

Trevor is a serial entrepreneur and startup advisor. He co-founded his first company, RentShare, in 2011, and went on to sell it in 2014. He is now building a platform to combat bias and misinformation in knowledge curation and communication.

Novick is a developer advocate at, Google Developer Expert, consultant, worldwide speaker, published author, host of the 3factorRadio podcast and OSS contributor. Vladimir brings years of experience with the JavaScript ecosystem and has been coding through the rise of the web, from the time of Netscape Navigator and the "First Browser Wars". Currently, Vladimir works with Web, Mobile, VR, AR, and IoT technologies and advocates the use of GraphQL and serverless architectures as well as functional languages such as ReasonML.

About the venue:

Guru unifies your collective knowledge, verifies its accuracy, and empowers your revenue teams - Marketing, Sales, Support, and Success. Using AI, Guru suggests relevant knowledge to you in real-time in every application you work in. The more you use Guru, the smarter it gets.