• Vue Sydney Meetup #9


    Welcome back everyone! Excited to announce DEPUTY.com are hosting our first meetup for the year. If you haven't heard of them, check em out. They have an awesome product taking the world by storm and a huge team right here in Sydney all using Vue. We now have two talks lined up -- Tamm Sjoden - FuseSport "GraphQL in Vue - VueX and/or Apollo" Hear what the best options are for using GraphQL with Vue in 2019! Vaibhav Namburi from Five2One will also briefly share some of their experiences with Vue/Apollo following the talk Kether Saturnius - Blendable (JUST ANNOUNCED) "Using Gridsome with Wordpress as a headless API" Headless CMS's are all the rage these days! Hear how Kether blends the world's most ubiquitous CMS with Vue

  • Vue Sydney Meetup #8

    Microsoft Reactor

    Topic for this meetup is UI! We have two awesome speakers lined up. Chris James "Jumpstart your own ‘Design System’ with the help of open source" Leveraging open source component libraries such as ElementUI and Vuetify while being able to progressively expand your own component library. Aden Forshaw "Create interactive API documentation using Vue+Vuetify" Embed mini apps to demo in realtime how each API route works. Microsoft are graciously hosting our final Vue Sydney meetup for 2019. Co-sponsoring the event with food and drinks are FuseSport and AirTeam.

  • Vue Sydney Meetup #7

    Carsguide.com.au Office

    This August we're mixing it up with a different venue and different format. We'll be hosted by CarsGuide.com.au in Surry Hills, with food and beverage sponsored by The Onset. Three 10 minute lightning talks to get the night underway. Looking forward to seeing you all there. #1 Paul Evans - "Universal Vue" SEO has always been important to our business but so too is site performance and user experience. Until now it felt like we couldn't provide the best possible user experience without sacrificing SEO. Then we discovered Nuxt and suddenly it felt like the right time to make the leap to a single page app. Bio: Paul is a tech lead at CarsGuide currently leading a team on an exciting project to build the UI for a new progressive web app. He specialises in front-end technologies and is passionate about good consumer experiences. #2 Vaibhav Namburi - "Why switch to a new framework, again ?" You may have JUST moved to a new JS library, but i can say with confidence that Vue is worth a peek.From a better thought out infrastructure, a mature templating engine, an internally maintained toolkit and along with the fact that Vue is only 32kb gzipped, its a serious contender. We'll go over why Vue will help speed development cycles effectively resulting in quicker product launches, what is it about Vue that makes the developer experience so seamless and how quick and integratable Vue is to your current projects. Bio: Vaibhav is the director/tech lead of Five2One, and has built and taught multiple courses on React online, reaching over 14000 students and acclaiming a best seller in his category. He's trained multiple corporate teams in Vue across Australia and has built several scalable front end projects in Vue, React and Angular. He's a part time boot camp lecturer and tech advisor to multiple ICOs. #3 Pierre Pointereau - "Our journey to production" In a massive company employing more than 8,000 staff nationwide and approximately 3,000 journalists, managing to maintain the front-end on the cutting edge of modern practices is a challenge. Here’s why VueJS seems to be our silver bullet, from a diagram to a deployment to production and the outcomes we've realised. Bio: Pierre is one of the front-end tech leads at News Corp Australia. His team is in charge of the development of front-end products and experiences, in-house as well as for advertising customers. **** Thanks to our sponsors The Onset for the food + drink on the night ****

  • Vue Sydney Meetup #6

    SiteMinder Sydney

    Agenda: 1. Decorating Vue — William Wise A quick intro to JS decorators, and how you can use them with Vue to focus more on the important stuff. 2. Migrating Legacy Applications — Chris A James Sharing different techniques for migrating legacy applications (and monoliths) to Vue + scaleable front-end architectures. 3. Vue Q&A — Vue Experts! We'll have a session where you can ask any Vue questions you have, technical or not, and a panel will answer them. 😄 --- If you would like to speak at a Vue meetup, please get in touch! We welcome talks aimed at everyone from those interested in Vue (and haven't even used it yet) through to Vue gurus.

  • Vue Sydney Meetup #5

    SiteMinder Sydney

    Talks: Writing effective unit test using Jest — Ajain Vivek Many developers struggle with writing maintainable unit test. The focus of the talk would be to write clean, robust and easier to maintain unit tests. Tech Panel — (Panelists TBC) We'll have a panel of engineers who can answer your questions, so please bring along any questions you have regarding Vue, Frontend Engineering or even just Software Engineering in general! --- If you would like to speak at a Vue meetup, get in touch. We're booking in advance to give you plenty of time to organised. We welcome talks aimed at everyone from those interested in Vue (and haven't even used it yet) through to Vue gurus.

  • Vue Sydney Meetup #4

    SiteMinder Sydney

    Hey all! We'll be hosting the next Vue meetup on the 3rd of April. Once again our gracious sponsor SiteMinder will be hosting and providing tasty snacks and drinks. So far we have one confirmed talk: 1. "Building online apps for Offline Use" — Chris A James Chris will build a progressive web app in Vue that focuses on providing a great user experience even when the user is offline, or even having a crappy internet connection. 2. "Vuetify Framework - A quick overview" — Vasyl Boroviak Vasyl will do a lightning talk on the awesome Vuetify framework, which can help you quickly build web apps with a wide selection of components designed with Google's Material Design principles. 3. Question Panel If there's enough time at the end, we can have a question panel where you can ask any questions relating to using Vue and extended to web-dev. --- We're always looking for talks, so if you have anything to share or announcements to make, we'd love to hear from you. Please get in touch!

  • Vue February meetup

    SiteMinder Sydney

    Happy new year Vuers, and welcome back to those of you who have enjoyed a break. This year we will meet on Tuesday nights every 1-2 months starting Feb 13. Once again our gracious sponsor Siteminder will be hosting and providing tasty snacks and drinks. We haven't yet confirmed talks, so if you have anything to share or announcements to make, we'd love to hear from you. Please get in touch!

  • Vue Sydney Meetup #2


    Great night last night, so I'm pleased to say we'll be doing it again one more time before we close out 2018. In the meantime, we'd like to hear your vues on what topics we should cover. Please take a moment to answer our poll -- https://www.meetup.com/vue-sydney/polls/1257268/ It's an open mic and all talks are welcome, so if you have something relevant to share please get in touch. Hope you all can make it, and have a great weekend!

  • Why VueJS?


    ATTENTION: the start time is 6pm (Meetup seems to have been showing this incorrectly in some cases). Welcome everybody and thanks for joining the all new Vue Sydney! Siteminder have graciously offered to support us, and our first meetup will be at their swanky office at the Rocks. Drinks/food will be provided. Our first topic (and possibly an ongoing one for the foreseeable), is simply, Why VueJS? How does it compare? We will cover the technical pros/cons, as well as consider the community support (now, and growth), local resource availability, and other key factors. Lets hear it from teams who have chosen to go this way, or have been evaluating. If you have any experiences to share, we would love to hear from you. Format will be arrive/drinks from 6pm, lightning talks 7pm followed by open discussion. Being our first meet we will be extra keen to hear what everyone wants- preferred start time, day of week, format, and so on. Hope to see you all there. Please RSVP so we can cater accordingly.