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Next level Vuex - Undo & Redo for your Users

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Next level Vuex - Undo & Redo for your Users


Tonight's event will be all about Vuex and state management in Vue.js apps.

First there will be an intro talk about the basics of Vuex and when to use it, followed by a deep dive into how to use Vuex to delight your users with undo and redo support by Niklas Lochschmidt.

With these two talks we hope to cover topics relevant to both beginners and those more advanced in the field of Vue.js and Vuex.

As usual there will be drinks, snacks and time for networking.

Main Talk: Next level Vuex - Undo & Redo for your Users

Abstract: In complex apps we want to enable users to explore without fear of making mistakes. Therefore, undo and redo became common interactions in most desktop applications. As our Vue apps become increasingly just as powerful, our users come to expect the same level of convenience as well.
In this session we will have a look at the options for implementing complex undo-redo operations using Vue and Vuex. We will navigate around the pitfalls of mutable state, dive into the world of Vuex plugins and have a look at event-sourcing as well. When we arrive at the final solution, you will have learned a couple of new things about Vue and Vuex, even if "undo" is not a requirement for your application, yet.

Bio: Niklas Lochschmidt is working as a Senior Software Developer at BRYTER GmbH, where he is involved in building a no-code editor and platform to automate expert knowledge. He is passionate about team culture and delivering well-crafted software using agile techniques in frequent iterations. With his broad skill set he is used to tackling problems full-stack and keeping an eye on the bigger picture.


18:00 Doors Open

18:30 Vuex basics - when to use it (Intro Talk / 30 min)

19:15 Next level Vuex - Undo & Redo for your users (Main Talk / 45 min)

20:00 Networking

21:00 End of Event

We look forward to seeing you again!

Cheers, Victoria (@vicbergquist) and Alexander (@ahus1de)

As always, if you have any questions or feedback, please don't hesitate to reach out to us, our inbox is always open! 💌

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