What we're about

To be seen. To be met. To be heard. To be. .... These gatherings invite us to discover and welcome all of who we are - our unique individuality as well as our infinite nature.

Each gathering begins with a few minutes of guided, silent, and gazing meditation, followed by an opportunity, if desired, for each to speak freely in the spirit of self-exploration while the others simply listen.

Bringing the light of awareness from your own consciousness, combined with that of others, can accelerate compassionate self-acceptance and quicken the awakening process. While this process is unique to each person, it ultimately leads toward both the discovery and validation of our individual humanness as well the illusion of a separate self.

Whether you have a long history of inner work, or little, or none, your presence is valued. In this supportive environment, we meet you wherever you are.

These gatherings are hosted by Allen Baker inspired by his own experience and not sponsored by any particular organization, although the format is somewhat similar to some events offered by Trillium Awakening. Before coming to a gathering, it is recommended to read about Mutuality on the Trillium website:

http://www.trilliumawakening.org/more-on-mu... (http://www.trilliumawakening.org/more-on-mutuality/)


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Meeting in Mutuality


Meeting in Mutuality

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Sitting in Living Silence

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Meet in Silence

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