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What we’re about

We are piloting this group to see if it is possible to hold a "lockdown-compliant" outdoor meetup.
The idea is in development and we shall see how it plays out as well as how popular this proves to be.
What we have in mind is a simple walk in the park, tea, coffee, beer, wine or whatever your poison of choice is, in hand, while enjoying casual conversation and meeting with new people to give ourselves an excuse to not remain locked in our homes and to re-discover the joys of real life human contact and interaction.

It goes without saying that we wish to remain compliant with the lockdown restrictions. To that end, we ask that you try your best to maintain social distancing. What we have in mind is to meet at a cafe in the park, purchase drinks, and start walking as a train of small groups of no more than three or four people. We will encourage people to mix around, rotate and change groups every so often so as to meet new people. We intend to keep walking around the park (and not remain in one place) and perhaps even replenish our drinks and stop for bathroom breaks whenever possible.

When all is said and done, this is experimental and in pilot phase. We will see how this goes and how popular it is. We may hold more such events in future but this remains to be seen. Do check the weather forecast and dress warmly.