• Art Walk to Chinatown Festival



    We will take a nice walk to view some outdoor art on our way to the Chinatown festival. We will first meet inside Osgoode subway then take a walk to Grange Park to see interesting street art, sculptures, murals, art galleries and buildings in the area. Then we'll walk to Chinatown where they're having a festival featuring entertainment and food. Meet around 10.00 am to 10.30 am. Leave time. 10.30 am There is a $2 Meetup fee for this event.

  • Food Truck Festival & Farmer's Market

    Coxwell Station

    We're going to a farmer's market and a food truck festival so this is a great foodies walk! First we'll meet inside Coxwell subway then we'll take the bus to the Leslieville farmer's market where you can buy fresh produce and baked goods. Then we'll take a short walk to the Food Truck festival where there will be a ton of foods trucks so you can get yourself a nice lunch. Come hungry and bring cash.

  • Humber River Walk & Theatre Play

    Old Mill Station

    We will go on an interesting walk that involves an outdoor theatre. We will first meet at Old Mill subway station then walk around the corner to meet the rest of the group at Etienne Brule Park south entrance. Please be on time as we need to walk to the park as the play starts at noon. From there we will walk around the Humber River to several locations where there will be six theatrical plays sharing the history of Indigenous, Francophone and Newcomer peoples of the Humber River region. There are no seats at these performances and you sit outside on the grass. This event is free. Register for a free ticket choose the first Old Mill start option at noon https://www.eventbrite.ca/e/walk-the-six-west-2019-toronto-tickets-64844465542

  • Art Show and Walk

    Queen's Park subway station


    We're going on a art walk to view interesting murals, sculptures, street stories in the downtown core then we'll go to the Toronto Outdoor Art Fair which is a huge art show held in front of city hall. You can buy art and talk to the artists. We'll first meet INSIDE Queen's Park subway at the entrance where you pay your fare at 10:15am then there will be a few announcements and we'll leave at 10:30am sharp. Look for Richard holding a meetup sign. Then we'll do the art walk and end at the art show. Please bring $2 exact change. check it out at: https://torontooutdoor.art/

  • Bat Walk and Star Gazing in High Park

    High Park Subway Station

    Let out your inner geek and see High Park at night as we attend their bat walk and star party. Explore the bats of High Park as they fly and forage. You will go on an urban bat walk to learn about bats' habitat, behaviour, and favourite foods (there are no vampire bats in High Park) as well as listen for their ultrasonic calls using bat detectors. Yikes Bat Man ! Stick around after for the Star Party when we will turn our attention to the night sky with a telescope. The bat walk is from 8:30 - 10 PM and the star Party from 10 - 10:30 PM This walk is free but you are encouraged to make a small donation. I highly suggest everyone meets us on time at the subway as it's going to be hard to find us in the dark in High Park. We will then walk to the High Park Nature Centre where they will be giving the guided tour.

  • Native Canadian Pow Wow

    Bathurst Subway Station

    Experience Native Canadian culture by attending a Pow Wow. We'll view the dancers in their colourful regalia, take a look at the craft booths and try some traditional food. The Pow Wow is free. We will meet inside Bathurst subway at the entrance then take the streetcar to Fort York. Check it out at https://www.toronto.ca/explore-enjoy/festivals-events/indigenous-arts-festival/indigenous-arts-festival-saturday-schedule/

  • Riverside Food & Music Festival

    Broadview Station

    We will be going to the Riverside Eats and Beats Festival where we will take a nice walk to eat some food, listen to music, and look at art. We will first start at Broadview subway station at noon, meet INSIDE the station at the entrance where you pay your fare. Look for Felice wearing a red hat. Then we will get on the streetcar to Broadview. At Broadview we will lead you on a nice walk pointing out interesting historical places, stopping to try some food, watching food demonstrations, have a free barbecue, listen to music, look at the art in the park. Too many fun things to list here! We will show you all the cool activities and bring you to all the best places! I go to this free festival every year so I know all the insider places to go to get the best food and great experiences. Highly recommended. I strongly urge you to show up on time and follow the group on the entire tour as you will not find this cool stuff on your own as this is a large festival spread out among many venues. You will also not be able to find me at the festival so SHOW UP ON TIME AT BROADVIEW STATION !!!! Both my meetup groups will be attending this event. Check it out at: http://www.riverside-to.com/event/riverside-eats-beats-streetfest-2/

  • Art Walk to MOCA

    Dundas West


    We will be visiting the Museum of Contemporary Art Toronto (MOCA), where will see some great modern art. Admission is free today. We will also be seeing some Street Art in the area. If people are interested afterwards we can visit one interesting book shop aand some local shops and have a drink at a craft brewery. We will first meet INSIDE Dundas West station at the entrance where you pay your fare. Look for Richard holding a meetup sign. Please bring $2 exact change as we will be using this money to give a donation to the Scott Mission, these good folks provide meals and housing to the homeless.

  • Don Jail and Chinatown East Walk

    Broadview Station


    We will be taking a walking tour to learn about the old Don Jail and Chinatown east where we will learn interesting history and see many interesting Asian shops. Firstly we will meet INSIDE Broadview subway station at the entrance where you pay your fare, look for Richard holding a meetup sign. Then we will take the Streetcar or Bus to Gerrard Street. We will see a small part of the old Don Jail, this jail has now been converted to be part of Bridgepoint Hospital and as it's Doors Open we can see one of the old jail cells. Please note we will have to stand in line to see this so please have patience. We will also view a bit of the hospital and some of the art they have around it. ( Self guided Tours) Then we will walk to the nearby shops at Chinatown East. We will learn some history, see some art, then visit some Asian dessert and pastry shops. Be sure to bring some cash as these shops are small and might not accept credit or debit. Also you need $2 exact change for the walk as this will be used for a donation to the Scott Mission, these good folks provide meals and housing to the homeless.