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Seawall Fast Walk North Side of Falsecreek

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Walking is one of the easiest way to stay fit. All you need to start with is a good pair of walking shoes or runners and comfortable clothes. A moderate dose of physical exercise for 30 min (if you can't manage that much, even 15 min is ok to begin with) a day is enough to keep you healthy. Not only is walking free and enjoyable, walking on a regular basis will bring to you a whole host of health benefits.

If you are new to walking read the following discussion. Click here. ([masked])

But why fast walks? Going out for a stroll now and then just won't cut it. Just because you are active doesn’t mean you’re fit. Because if you want to use walking to add to or increase your physical fitness level, you have to add some speed, some intensity, and more duration to your walks. By working a little on technique, walking faster and longer, you will definitely lose weight and use fast walk to maintain your weight. Adding some distance to your walks will help you work on endurance and stamina.

Also walking just once a week isn’t going to cut it either. You have to consider walking a few times a week. These same principles of exercise apply to everyone, whether you are an elite athlete, weekend warrior or someone who just want s to become a better hiker.

This walk is part of a series of walks I am planning to do throughout the week so that you can make walking a regular part of your lifestyle.

Join me for a fast walk on the north side of the Falsecreek area at 6:00pm with a 15 minute waiting time.

This walk will appeal to people who are looking to work on their cardio and stamina. We will work on speed and a consistent pace. Consistency in movement and stepping will help you become a better walker or hiker. For a fast walk, we will be going at a steady pace.

This walk will also appeal to people who are consistent walkers and would like to work at moving just a little faster but at a consistent pace. Consistency in movement and stepping will help you become a stronger walker and if you do it regularly, a foundation for hiking.

This walk will happen rain or shine as it is always good to not let the weather prevent you from getting some exercise. Many people who have come out and walked with me in the rain has found that walking in the rain is quite doable. If you do it once, you will never let the rain stop you from walking. Some people will carry umbrellas when it rains but you don't really never to purchase an expensive gortex jacket, a shell will do just fine as this event is for less than two hours.

Route Details:

We will walk from Science World, keeping as close to the waterfront as we can. We will pass under the Cambie St, Granville St, and Burrard Street Bridge and around the Inukshuk and then just before the Catus Club. We will take a break here and then retrace our steps back to Science World.

Time: 1 hour and 45 minutes, including a 5 minute washroom break at the halfway point. On our fastest days, some of us have beaten that time by over 15 minutes.

Round Trip: 10.5 km (6.6 miles).
Elevation Gain: 10 meters or less.
Pace: Usually between 4.5 km/hr and 5.2 km/hr (around 2.9 miles/hr).

Click here for a link of the entire route. (

This is a group organized by volunteers. It is not a professional organization. The organizers are not in any way responsible for any participant on the walk. You are responsible for yourself and your own safety. However, as a group of friends, we will keep an eye on each other.

There is ample parking along Quebec Street and the side streets. Most of us are parking along First Avenue because there is always parking there and also to avoid the traffic whenever there's a Canuck's game. So if you happen to park on Second or First Avenue, a few of us will be walking back to our cars. Also, please post your location and we'll see if we can carpool. Buses and Skytrain accessible.

We will meet and wait a few minutes and start at 6:15pm SHARP and meet at the entrance to SCIENCE WORLD.