All About Grass Fed Beef w/ Elizabeth Poett of Rancho San Julian Beef

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What?! Beef is as healthy for you as fish???? No, I can't believe it. Beef from a sustainable farm that actually improves the environment and reduces the carbon footprint???? No way!

With the exception of butter, no other food has been subjected to such intense demonization in recent years as red meat, particularly beef. The juicy hamburger, that delicious marbled steak and the Sunday roast have been accused of terrible crimes. It's the Beef (, written by Sally Fallon and Mary Enig of the Weston A. Price Foundation, exposes common myths about beef and explains why consuming beef is essential to good health.

If this sounds intriguing, please join us for this presentation by Elizabeth Poett Johnson from Rancho San Julian Beef. She will discuss how her family has produced high quality beef from cattle raised humanely and healthfully on an agriculturally sustainable ranch for eight generations.

Newly revitalized in 2006, Rancho San Julian Beef embodies intergrated agriculture, the root of all organic, sustainable and humane systems. Humans, animals, crops, and the environment are melded into a functional whole. The cattle component of this system is to produce, through the best genetics available, the highest quality beef using the least natural resources.

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May 6th Ranch Tour is cancelled and will be rescheduled