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40 days to raise needed $200,000

The Santa Barbara Chapter of the Weston A. Price Foundation does not endorse any particular business but promotes anybody involved in real food, farming and healing arts (see Friends (http://www.wapfsantabarbara.blogspot.com/p/links.html), raw milk (http://www.wapfsantabarbara.blogspot.com/p/raw-milk.html), eggs (http://www.wapfsantabarbara.blogspot.com/p/eggs.html) page for example).

The Isla Vista Food coop is truly unique that it is owned by the people. They have been strong allies in many of our campaigns such as supporting our organic and local farmer, labeling GMO, access to raw milk and such.

The Isla Vista Food Co-op was alerted to the impending sale of our property, our home for the past 32 of our 40 years, about a month ago. We were given the first option to purchase, with 10 days to decide before the owner placed it on the market. Though our current lease goes until December 2013, we decided that rather than risk the property being sold to a buyer without an interest in keeping us as a tenant, that the best possible option for the Co-op to secure our future in Isla Vista was to try and accomplish purchasing our property.

Because of their long-standing history as a ripple-effect business that’s spent over 40 years helping educate generation after generation about how to be more conscious consumers, we have decided to ask our members to help them accomplish this mission is to take it to the community.

Please consider donating to them and becoming a member as well.

Click here to directly learn more about 'Project We Own It' and donating to them (https://secure.blueskycollaborative.com/islavista/pledge_authorize.asp).