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Awareness is the first and greatest step to change.  The majority of our lives are comprised of decisions we make.  Decisions originate from our belief system which is very dependent on our awareness (or lack of awareness). 
We will have four classes periodically offered and one group plus opportunities to meet together socially that increase our awareness of ourselves, our community and others we interact with every day.  We will also meet to just have fun!!
The four classes offered will be "Healthy Relationship Elements" for social, personal and business applications, "How to Change Your Speaking Voice", "Awareness Through Handwriting Analysis" and "Online Dating". Each class is two hours in length.
The group is titled Suit Up and Show Up, community involvement.

"Suit Up & Show Up"
Mission: As citizens of Hunt County, be more involved in our community by learning about what our local entities such as Greenville City Council and Greenville ISD are doing. We will accomplish this by attending meetings of these entities and others. We will utilize our own monthly meetings to learn from guest speakers about what is transpiring in our cities, county, state and national scenes. All attendees will be dressed with no political or other messaging, adorning no flags or signs, not speaking out or making any sounds. We also want to be available to the council, board and others to volunteer for any help needed by these entities. We want to be more involved.

"Change My Speaking Voice"
Simply put, we are what people hear from our voices whether it be word or expression while speaking the words.  The tone and quality of our voice can set someone at ease or on edge.  Our voice can communicate our heart or it can distort what our heart is feeling.  You will not only learn how to warm up and condition the voice to sound softer and smoother but you will learn how to project your voice while speaking publicly.  Stan has been a professional soloist, holds a Bachelor of Music Education - Vocal  and has been a teacher of voice for over 42 years.  He is known for is ability to make it simple to learn how to speak and sing.  You will also learn a little bit about how to sing through this process :)

"Healthy Relationship Elements" 
Presently there are over 100 elements that will be taught and discussed such as:  A.)  "Ask for what you want and what you need without regard for whether you will receive it or not",   B.) "Defensiveness - When I am defensive, I am never wrong.  This deadlocks the relationship. " and  C.) " Five forms of passive discounts/put downs:  1)  Withdrawal  2)  Violence  3)  Over compensation and over compliance   4)  Having negative feelings about myself feelings about myself  5)  Acting bored.    These a just three of the many elements.

"Awareness Through Handwriting Analysis", 
Want to know more about your present relationship or be aware before you start the next one?  Handwriting analysis is used every day by the FBI, CIA, IRS and local police. Handwriting analysis is also admissible evidence in today’s courts. All scientifically founded, learn more about who your are, who you are dating, your significant other, your spouse, co-workers, boss, neighbors, friends and etc. You will also learn 9 Hell Traits to look for that will help you determine if the other person is a good fit. If you find more than 3 of these traits, this will let you know that this relationship would have little promise. Ever wonder, "Why do I always...?" Learn how to change and improve yourself to have better relationships with everyone you know.  Stan has had over 18 years of training and experience analyzing thousands of handwriting samples. I've seen many people begin to understand what is really going on in their lives and why they don't get what they want. We will have a lot of fun and you will learn skills that will be useful for you for a lifetime. Single, engaged, married - come on out.  Bring a friend. This will be a blast!!

"Online Dating" - Nothing to be scared of!! As a matter of fact, every horror story I have ever heard in many years has turned out to be biased, one-sided or mostly untrue. Example. A lady told me that she had been stalked by three online guys she had met. After further questions, I learned that she considered them calling her after their date "stalking". OK, so don't want them to call? Block them on your phone. You won't even know they called.
Actually, you will learn many ways to know who you are communicating with much more than if a friend sets you up for a blind date.
In this class, you will learn to glean understanding by how they answer questions, face reading, handwriting analysis and more.
This class is so much fun!! And it might improve how you pick the people you choose to meet :))

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